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Illustrations inspired by family dynamics, 影片讲述了复杂的父子关系,以及受餐桌结构启发的生态城市设计,这些都是亮点.


富有远见的作品-为艺术学科探索新的可能性, Design, 建筑和景观建筑-将于8月20日至26日在劳瑞斯顿广场展出.


The event is part of the acclaimed Edinburgh Art Festival, which attracts audiences from around the world.

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The Graduate Show will take place between the 20 - 26 August 2022.

Entry is free建议订位时,可监察建筑物的容量, but walk-ins are welcome.

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Dynamic exhibition

展出的动态设计借鉴了包括可持续设计在内的一系列影响和主题, cities of the future and the complexities of human relationships.  

该作品反映了推荐全球最好的网堵正规平台艺术学院提供的设计和艺术技能培训的范围, including emerging disciplines such as artificial intelligence, digital art and immersive experiences.  


The students’ portfolios can also be viewed on the Graduate Show website.


推荐全球最好的网堵正规平台艺术学院,推荐全球最好的网堵正规平台坚信分享新可能性的价值. This show provides a unique insight into the creative minds of the future, 这也是他们如何适应快速变化的世界的重要一瞥. 推荐全球最好的网堵正规平台推荐全球最好的网堵正规平台的学生和工作人员的承诺和精力感到非常自豪,他们使这次展览得以举行.

Professor Juan CruzECA Principal

This year’s Masters Show features portfolios from a number of programmes including MA Design for Change; MA Interior, Architectural and Spatial Design; MA Illustration; MA Graphic Design; MA/MSc Design Informatics; MA Film Directing; MFA Glass, MA Contemporary Art Practice, 硕士材料实践和ESALA -推荐全球最好的网堵正规平台建筑与景观学院.

值得关注的作品包括黛特·奥尔马克(Dette Allmark)的插画项目《推荐全球最好的网堵正规平台》(Lines of Inheritance), 它将神话故事和个人传记交织在一起,演绎出一个奇怪而神秘的故事. The work uses a variety of printmaking techniques such as etching, linocutting and monoprinting as well as drawings, illustrations and paintings.

电影制作人山姆·巴塞特制作了一部简短的纪录片,讲述了一对父子试图驾驭父母和年轻人之间的动荡. 阿图尔分享了他们共同身份的故事,他们作为人既绽放又孤立.

The work of Contemporary Art Practice student Hannah Cash uses choreography, moving image and sculptural installations. Working with her twin sister Jasmine, 艺术家质疑身体是如何被看待的,并探索它在编舞中的潜力. The terrain and landscape of North Wales inspires the work called, Draw the body back in to me / Dod â’r corff yn ôl imewn imi’ (Welsh title).

Elizabeth Finley’s Design for Change portfolio, Freshened Waters, 提供了一种解决方案,帮助人们在喂养水禽时参与淡水生态系统. 该设计提出了一个位于荷里路德公园的圣玛格丽特湖的大排档, Edinburgh, 与社区分享环保鸟类饲料和淡水健康信息.

Student portfolios

Zhipeng Han’s Architectural and Urban Design project, Proximity Theatre, is a collaboration with a four-person design team called Close Studio. The project explores the relationship between people, the city and nature, 揭示了一个专注于推荐全球最好的网堵正规平台封闭的设计概念——通常在老城区发现的小胡同和庭院. 

Karla Spahic’s Interior, Architectural and Spatial Design project, harmoneED, scrutinizes how objects and people move in relation to each other. It explores the strategic placement of structure, openings, lighting and furniture to provide opportunities of interaction and inclusivity, as well as creating spaces that harmonise company and privacy.

余嘉荣的设计信息学作品集是基于一个名为Crowd Reality的小组项目, 哪一种是从数字世界和物理领域的区别中获得灵感的. 该项目将虚拟游戏与实物服装相结合,为用户提供置身人群的体验. Other student collaborators on the project are Root Cai, Philip Han, Jiatong Liu, Sihong Liu, Honya Rara, Thomas Stewart and Rui Wu.

张毅的建筑与城市设计作品集是与同学张毅的小组项目的一部分, Chen Lu, Wang Tzuyen, Wang Weilin. 零星生态使用日常物品-餐桌-来代表人类生活中交织的多重生态. The table represents the potential crisis of Edinburgh’s food ecology, with excessive reliance on imports and increasingly long food miles, exposing the city to a potential food crisis.

ECA的研究生学习课程为学生提供了在他们所选择的研究领域进行智力和个人挑战的机会, while working with research-active academics.

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